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Learning ~ Collaboration ~ Respect ~ Support ~ Innovation
The staff and students at Edmunds Middle School are committed to these 5 concepts in every aspect of our work and learning. As we embark on the 2014-2015 school year, students at EMS are embracing these commitments through weekly conversations in extended homeroom/advisory groups. We will be celebrating our collective work as a school community by recognizing the efforts of students as they "make - real" the meaning of our commitments.

Commitment to Learning

This student is curious and takes advantage of a variety of learning opportunities. The student seeks and shares information about topics of interest.


Commitment to Collaboration

This student demonstrates a willingness to work with others and knows when to step up and step back. S/he empowers others and consistently plays an important role in group success.


Commitment to Respect

This student demonstrates positive citizenship at EMS. S/he conducts him or herself in a welcoming and considerate manner that exemplifies his or her value of our learning community.


Commitment to Support

This student looks beyond self and has made a tremendous effort to be active and have a positive impact on the school community and beyond.    


Commitment to Innovation

This student is self motivated to discover creative solutions to problems and recognize opportunities to improve our everyday lives.